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Multifiduciaire Genève SA was set up to provide personalized services carried out by qualified personnel.

We work in the classic field of fiduciaries where our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and / or institutions. We offer fixed packages or tailor-made mandates and develop solutions in Switzerland and abroad.

For our customers we are committed to providing quality services at a good price / performance / time / service expected ratio. Each client benefits from a deep analysis of their specific needs in order to prevent possible problems.

For our staff, we strive to build together a professional environment where everyone can find satisfaction in their work, can complete their training and develop their spirit of initiative.

We are implementing our research and development outlook for a selective increase in business while controlling costs. We want to keep a human structure taking into account the mentality of all parties and stimulating the human relationship with our customers.

We are committed to maintaining an efficient quality system that ensures a good balance between the strategy of the company and the satisfaction of all parties.

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