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About us

Set up in 1983, Multifiduciaire Genève SA is a Swiss company provider of auditing, accounting and consulting services which through its qualified professionals offers services of high level in the business of corporate services. Led by experienced professionals, the medium sized company is able to support the development of local or international customers through an efficient and competent network.

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Our services 

Thanks to the skills of qualified professionals, Multifiduciaire Genève SA is able to offer high level services in the main activities offered today by a Swiss fiduciary. Fiduciaire Suisse guarantees the quality of its services thanks to a rational organization whose efficiency is recognized.

Nos prestations


Are you an employee, self-employed, without activity? Do you have assets in Geneva, Switzerland, outside Switzerland? Are you a company in Switzerland, abroad, small or large?

We are here to advise you to make sure you do not pay more taxes than you need to.

We are here to support you so that your declarations are no longer a chore.

We check that each franc claimed and one franc due and we are responsible for asserting your rights in the event of a dispute.

For foreign companies with activities in Switzerland, we offer our services as a tax representative for VAT.


Your company needs an auditor for a limited control or an ordinary control, an expertise, a special control?

We favor an approach focused on your particularities and we are committed to respecting the agreed deadlines. Our ASR certified audit experts also have the recognition to perform audits according to MCH2 standards as well as to verify the equal pay analysis.

LBA (anti-money laundering procedures according to Swiss Law) and prudential supervision of asset managers and trustees

We work closely with a partner who has the approvals  prudential auditor with the principles of the Self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and supervisory organisations (SO). In this context, we are able to offer you our experience in terms of organization and prudential auditing.

Company creation, organization & administration

We support you in the creation of your business and in its implementation. We take care of the formalities with the notary, the commercial register, as well as the tax authorities. With the help of our partner Solveo Group SA , we assist you in registering for compulsory social insurance as well as in providing optimal insurance cover for your activities and your assets.

If you do not have commercial premises yet, you can be domiciliated at our address.

We can provide you with our advice for setting up and organizing your business and then support you throughout its development.

Employee management

We can relieve you of the processing of your employees' salaries and social insurance relations, help you obtain permits and draw up employment contracts. In case of difficulties, we help you in the steps to obtain the aid to which you are entitled.


Devote your energy and creativity to what motivates you in your work.

Let us take care of your accounting and VAT accounts. Entrust us with the preparation of your annual accounts, whatever your field of activity.

Thanks to the Cloud, we can offer you modern solutions and flexible collaboration to adapt to your needs.

Nos collaborateurs

Our collaborators

Multifiduciaire Genève SA counts on its highly skilled and expertised management team and staff, their professional qualification is constantly improved by attending to meetings and courses in their field of activity.

Young staff acquire full basic training while working and studying with well recognized organisations.

Pierre-Yves Deléchat, Chairman of the Board of Directors, partner

Henri Bressoud, certified accountant, HEC licensee, certified audit expert, Director, partner

Auditor approved by OAR's  and OS' principles, auditor recognized for the control of the analysis of equal pay ; EXPERTsuisse member  

Frédéric Clerc Paita, specialist in finance and accounting with federal diploma, deputy director

Marine Garda , business economist HES, deputy director

Damien Roch, authorized representative, certified fiduciary expert, certified audit expert

MCH2 recognized auditor ; EXPERTsuisse member  

Rachel Chieffo, Personnel Management Assistance Certificate (HRSE)

Jérôme Blum, certified accountant, certified audit expert

Recognized auditor MCH2 and for the control of the analysis of equal pay; EXPERTsuisse member  

Michaël Daetwyler, accountant  

Audrey Detraz,  certificate of assistance in personnel management (HRSE) and accountant

Alison Rivolta, junior accountant  

And also: Spyro Metaxas, Doctor of Laws, Administrator and Advisor

Nos partenaires

Our partners

BKR international


As an independent member of BKR International, Multifiduciaire Genève SA may assist its clients in their expansion plans, would it be close to the border, within European Community or far abroad.



We use this Swiss management software to perform not only accounting but also invoicing, VAT, payroll management, LPP, AVS, etc.

Solveo Group SA 

06 Sloveo_logo_positif.jpg

Insurance and risk management solutions.



Membership of FIDUCIAIRE | SUISSE is considered a quality label in the market. It stands for professional competence, quality and reliability.

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